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NO. Tilapia breed freely in ponds while catfish do not

Some people wrongly refer to it as "red algae". Red algae is a marine water species and cannot be found in small fish ponds. The scum we normally see is technically not 'algae' - it is called Euglena. It is normally green in the morning and changes to red as the intensity of the sun increases. However, if it is a thin shiny sheen of brick-red, then that is different. This is caused by iron bacteria and it occurs in areas with iron-rich soil.

Some cases of fish deaths have been reported after feeding on it. It also blocks atmospheric oxygen from mixing freely with the water and affects photosynthesis by blocking light penetration into the water.

The liquid is called 'physiological solution. You can make it by adding 9 grams of clean/distilled water to 1 litre of water - or you may simply use the 'Normal saline' similar the one used in hospitals

No, it is not wrong. But it is both expensive and risky. Fish will use the extra protein as a source of energy and generate more ammonia which is toxic to the fish. In addition, this will raise the cost of feed since the same energy can be obtained from very cheap carbohydrates.