FISHFARM solutions
At FISHFARM  we offer the following services for both new and upcoming small scale fish farmers within and outside Kenya. Our practical experience allows us to provide these services in a way that will be highly applicable to your particular situation. This is what we can do for you:
  • Feasibility assessments for fish pond suitability
 Upon request, we will visit your site and discuss details of your proposed fish farm. Thereafter, we will go ahead and assess the site based on your planned activities. You will then be advised accordingly.
  • Farm design, Site selection and pond construction 
If your proposed site is found to be suitable, we will try to identify ideal locations for the proposed structures (ponds, tanks, hatchery, farm structures, drainage system, etc) and come up with a layout of the same. Upon request, we will go ahead to peg and construct all the ponds as proposed. Two options are available - you can either provide labour as we provide technical advise and supervision, OR we can save you the headache by using our trained pond constructors.
  • Landscaping
Depending on the nature of your your site, we can also landscape the area around the ponds and terrace it in preparation for construction of other farm structures. Our aim is to do a complete job.
  • Fingerling supply and stocking  
Once the ponds have been completed, we will test them and source for fingerlings to be stocked into them - depending on your preference.
  • Staff training 
In order to run a successful fish farm, you need to have staff who have the skill to do it. After the fish ponds have been completed and stocked, we can also train your staff (or yourself) on basic farm management techniques, fish feed formulation, propagation (if you have a hatchery), water quality management, etc. If need be, we can source for an experienced farmhand for you.
  • Hatchery design, layout and management 
For those who are into fingerling production, we do assist with design and supervision of hatchery construction. We also offer insitu training for hatchery staff.
  • Customized practical training on all aspects of fish farming 
We can train you within our operation area (see attachment), on your farm, or at your preferred venue. The training is ideal for farm owners.
  • Training of organized farmers groups 

We offer classroom type trainings for farmers cluster groups, self-help groups, students, etc



  • Customized practical training charges are based on a one week or two week period (CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS).
  • Other services are either charged as 'contract sum' or at the rate of US$ 95/- per day (in Kenya - this includes travel/accommodation) or US$ 120/- (East & Central Africa). Charges outside Kenya are exclusive of travel and accommodation, which are at the expense of the client.
  • Contract sums are charged on a case-by-case basis and are quite friendly
  • Services outside Eastern Africa are also charged on a case-by case basis